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The Fabulous Ceri Dupree

SUN 22 MAY 7:30pm
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“A STAR IS TORN!!” Ceri Dupree has performed almost everywhere! Throughout the UK, Europe and overseas, and has impersonated almost every female star in the world at one time or another. When it comes to dressing up in drag, as Paul O’ Grady once said of him… ‘In a field full of donkeys, he is a racehorse!’

Well come judge for yourself, come catch a show. And see anyone and everyone from Joan – Rivers and Collins – Bassey, Cilla, Ga Ga, Cher, Amy, Camilla, Tina, HM the Queen, the 3 Degrees (how he do that!?!) and lots more!

An evening of all live vocals, impersonations, stand up, specially written sketches and songs… and a clever twist at the end… No one show is ever the same, as Ceri chooses up to 15 or so gals to do in an evening!

Want to see enough rhinestones to blind a cup final crowd? Cry and then laugh till your jaws ache? Then Book now!

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Sun 22 May
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